Secrets of the Prophetic

Unveiling Your Future

by Kim Clement, 2005
Secrets of the Prophetic

Formerly titled The Sound of His Voice.

  1. A Shattered Dream — A mini-biography covering the early part of Kim’s life up to his conversion in 1973.
  2. Waiting in the Hallway — A sampling of the difficulties Kim experienced in getting started in ministry.
  3. Becoming the Voice — The voice of God creates something new in our lives. When God sends a Word to your heart, the Spirit alights upon it and becomes a voice. He uses our mouths to voice that Word so that it can work. Jesus is the Word, the Holy Spirit is the breath, and we are the voice of God.
  4. The Promise of Tomorrow — The prophetic ministry brings hope by sharing God’s intention for our life. He then waits to see if our heart agrees with what He has said. He requires us to respond rightly before His intention can become manifested action.
  5. It’s Not Over! — God’s thoughts are the source of what He says. He speaks to our destiny and future, not our past.
  6. The Great Transformation — God first creates something, and then He inhabits it. The breath of the Lord imparts the Spirit. The transforming power of the Spirit makes it possible for us to be in the Presence of the Lord. The voice of God brings the glory of God and empowers us for change.
  7. Defilement by Divination — When we were born again, we became partakers of the divine nature. Divination is an imitation of the divine.
  8. Who Is Speaking? — The enemy will attempt to offer his words in an attempt to affect our life. We must be cautious of the people we allow to speak into our lives. If someone offers words that discourage and defile, turn them away and don’t receive their words.
  9. If You Only Knew — God speaks to us as if we were going to be obedient and walk in faith regarding the Word. He often tells us the end without sharing the process that will get us there.
  10. Hope Equals Insight and Foresight — Faith gives us the ability to see what others do not. We must look beyond the natural, see what God intends to do, and have the hope to wait for its coming.
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