When Heaven Invades Earth

A Practical Guide to a Life of Miracles

by Bill Johnson, 2003
When Heaven Invades Earth

While many Christians are content to live powerless lives of spiritual defeat, the Bible paints a picture of a glorious Church of overcomers bringing light into a world of darkness. The main hindrances to living a life that wins are fear and ignorance.

When Heaven Invades Earth is an excellent introduction to the concept of experiencing the power of God in daily life. It inspires the reader to believe that we can not only experience the miraculous, but that we ought to expect it. The book is a wonderful antidote to the fear, ignorance, and religious spirit that have made miracles so rare in our modern culture.

  1. The Normal Christian Life — Stories of people expecting to see something supernatural from God.
  2. Commission Restored — Our commission to have dominion over the earth has been restored in Christ. The Church is meant to display the power of God over the works of the devil.
  3. Repent to See — Repentance is not primarily a matter of changing behaviour, it is first and foremost a change of mind. True repentance recognizes the reality of the Kingdom of God here and now and through faith brings that which the grace of God has enabled into our experience.
  4. Faith—Anchored in the Unseen — Unbelief is based on the visible, the reasonable, and the natural. Faith comes by hearing what God is saying and sees that reality as superior to that which is visible in the natural realm.
  5. Praying Heaven Down — The primary focus of all prayer is to loose on earth that which exists in heaven. The main purpose of prayer is intimacy, since we must come to know God before we can call for His specific will to be done in the earth.
  6. The Kingdom and the Spirit — The Presence of the Holy Spirit filling us to overflowing provides us with ability for anointed ministry.
  7. The Anointing and the Antichrist Spirit — It is the anointing that releases the supernatural. Without it, mankind is no threat to the dominion of the enemy.
  8. Teaching Into an Encounter — The anointed teaching of the Word of God should lead to an encounter with God and demonstrations of power. Anything less will only make us religious.
  9. The Works of the Father — The Father’s heart is revealed by His presence as His children go about His business. Just as Jesus revealed the nature of the Father in the miracles that God worked through Him, we are to bring the presence of God into the lives of people imprisoned by the powers of darkness.
  10. Powerlessness: Unnecessary and Unbalanced — Character and power are inseparable. Character is formed through obedience, and we need the power of God to be fully obedient in carrying out His commission.
  11. The High Cost of Low Power — Signs, while not ends in themselves, do have a purpose. They point lost people in a direction that will help them find what they are looking for.
  12. Our Debt to the World: An Encounter With God — Anointed ministry is the act of giving the presence of God to others. We are stewards of His presence and it is our responsibility to give it away.
  13. Our Identity in This World — Our self-image must come from seeing ourselves by faith as being transformed by the reality of the resurrection. When we see that, we can actually stop being so consumed by our own weaknesses and inability and proceed in the confidence that comes from relying on the power and ability of God.
  14. Warring to Invade! — Fear has no place in the Christian life. The Church is not meant to hide and wait for the return of Jesus. We are supposed to be on the attack.
  15. How to Miss a Revival — Religious attitudes and actions will cause even the most dedicated Christians to work against a move of God.
  16. Infiltrating the System — Spiritual gifts work better in the world than they do in a church service.
  17. This Present Revival — A shift in focus to life on the resurrection side of the cross must take place if we are to become what God has purposed for us.
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