The King James Version Debate

A Plea for Realism

by D.A. Carson, 1979
The King James Version Debate

"The King James Version is superior to all modern English translations of the Bible": so say many popularly written books and pamphlets.

The King James Version Debate is the first book-length refutation of this point of view written for both pastors and laymen. The author concisely explains the science of textual criticism since the main premise advanced by KJV proponents is the superiority of the Greek text on which it is based.

After showing the problems with this premise, the author refutes the propositions that: (1) the KJV is the most accurate translation; (2) it is the most durable; (3) its use of the Old English forms (e.g. thou) makes it the most reverent; (4) it honors Christ more than do other versions; (5) it is most easily memorized; and (6) it is most suitable for public reading.

Although published in 1979, this book ably answers most, if not all, of the arguments advanced by KJV proponents today. The author systematically lists and refutes each argument with clear, understandable, and undeniable logic.

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