Eternity in Their Hearts

Startling Evidence of Belief in the One True God in Hundreds of Cultures Throughout the World

by Don Richardson, 1981
Eternity in Their Hearts

Traditional religion teaches that Christianity is the only repository of God’s revelation of truth to man, that Judaism is veiled truth, and that every other religion was inspired by Satan. This view has unfortunately hindered the efforts of many missionaries seeking to share the gospel with other cultures. Instead of preaching Christ in the imagery of those cultures, a religious system of Western culture has been offered.

The more accurate and biblical view is that God’s general revelation to all mankind was twisted by the devil through his lies as he attempted to destroy God’s most highly valued creation. Eternity in Their Hearts illustrates the ways in which God has reached out to all people and prepared them to receive the preaching of the gospel. The anthropological details brought to light in this fascinating book reveal much about how God has communicated His love throughout the world.

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