Sit, Walk, Stand

by Watchman Nee, 1977
Sit, Walk, Stand
  1. Sit
    • The Range of His Finished Work -- Every aspect of the Christian life -- salvation, sanctification, everything -- is ours because Christ's work is done. He is seated in the heavenlies. When we learn to rest in His finished work, and see ourselves seated with Him, only then have we begun.
    • God the Giver -- God is so wealthy that His chief delight is to give. When we stop giving and working, we discover how much He is willing to do.
  2. Walk
    • The Perfection of the Father -- Walking involves conduct or behaviour. But our conception of right conduct does not go far enough. We cannot meet God's expectations of correct behaviour. Fortunately He has done it all for us through Christ. This is why we 'sit' first. We rest and let Him be our walk.
    • Redeeming the Time -- Walking involves getting somewhere. The wise will eagerly pursure the goal, while the foolish waste time with unimportant matters.
  3. Stand: The victory has already been won, we simply hold that ground.
    • In His Name -- God has entrusted His Name and His Son's Name to those who walk in His way. Therefore, we cannot stand in His power until we have first learned to sit, then walk.
    • The Divine Self-comittal -- Four essential features of a work to which God can commit Himself.
      1. A true revelation to our hearts of the eternal purpose of God.
      2. All work that is going to be effective in the divine purpose must be conceived by God.
      3. All work to be effective must depend for its continuance upon the power of God alone.
      4. The end and object of all work to which God can commit Himself must be His glory.
    • The God of Elijah -- A powerfully moving story from the life of the author illustrating the points made earlier. God working in modern times in just such a way as He did back in the Bible. He truly is still the God of Elijah.
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