The King James Only Controversy

Can You Trust the Modern Translations?

by James R. White, 1995
The King James Only Controversy

In this thorough, yet concise examination of the King James Only viewpoint, the author shows the logical fallacies and inconsistencies of those who argue that the King James Version of the Bible is the only true Word of God. Often the King James Only advocates are caustic, insulting, and mean-spirited in their attacks on any translation created in the last 400 years, its translators, its defenders, and even its readers. For this reason, it is important to know the facts, if only to protect oneself against the onslaughts of such zealots.

It is unfortunate that so few Christians have a solid understanding of just how the book they call the Bible came to be in the form they read today. James White discusses the history behind the formation of the Greek text from which the King James Version was translated. He explains how modern scholars choose from among many different and varying documents which words and phrases were likely to have been in the texts penned by the original authors. For those with a more scholarly interest, there is even a special section in which the more technical aspects of textual selection are discussed.

Ignorance and unclear thinking have led many sincere Christians astray on this issue. It is absolutely vital that Christians guard their minds against those who would lead them to idolize a single translation of Scripture. This book is a good way to start. It offers sound facts and clear logic which, when compared to the arguments of the KJV Only crowd, will make the truth obvious to anyone who is looking for it.

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