The Master's Indwelling

by Andrew Murray, 1983
  1. Carnal Christians — The two classes of Christian: carnal and spiritual. Four marks of a carnal state: Protracted infancy; continual sin and failure; presence of spiritual gifts unaccompanied by spiritual graces; unable to receive spiritual truths. How to enter the spiritual state: Know it exists; see the shame and guilt of the carnal state; take the step of breaking with the flesh through crucifixion with Christ.
  2. The Self-Life — This is the root of our trouble. Self turned to God is the glory of allowing the Creator to reveal Himself in us. Self turned away from God is the very darkness and fire of hell. Deny Self and set your heart on Christ.
  3. Waiting on God — God’s people do not know Him because they will take anything rather than God—ministers, preaching, books, prayers, works, and efforts—any exertion of human nature, instead of waiting for God to reveal Himself. The Bible is only a pointer, pointing to God. We must wait on God. If you want more faith or grace or strength or fruitfulness, you must have more of God.
  4. Entrance into Rest — There is rest in a life of faith. The carnal life is a life of want, the spiritual life is a life of plenty. In carnality there is no victory, in spirituality every enemy has been defeated already. The life of rest must be given to us; we cannot attain it ourselves.
  5. The Kingdom First — Let the Kingdom of God be the one thing you live for, and all other things will be added unto you. The only thing that will truly make us happy is that which makes God happy. The Kingdom is where God is all in all. We prove the value we attach to things by the time we devote to them. The Kingdom must be our highest priority.
  6. Christ Our Life — Christ received His life from God, lived it in dependence on God, gave it up to God, was raised from the dead by God, and lives in glory with God. Until we are one with Him in the principle of His life, it is futile to seek to copy the graces of that life.
  7. Christ’s Humility Our Salvation — Humility is the very essence of Christ’s life and glory and the salvation He brings. He humbled Himself and became a servant to provide salvation. This salvation not only flows from humility, it also leads to humility. The closer you get to God the more you will love to be humble before God and man.
  8. The Complete Surrender — Too many are not surrendered to Christ, they merely use Him for their own advancement and comfort. True surrender makes Christ the Master. It lasts forever, it doesn’t give things up and then take them back.
  9. Dead with Christ — Christ died for sin. That we cannot do. Christ also died to sin. That we must do. A man’s acts are always in accordance with his idea of his state. See the truth: you are dead to sin. Accept it in faith and the Spirit will work the experience of it into your life. The crucified man is humble, helpless, and restful. The penitent heart willingly gives up its corruption to death so that it may receive freedom.
  10. Joy in the Holy Spirit — God wants Christ so formed in us that we are one with Christ, and that in our thinking, feeling, and living, the image of His Son is manifest before Him. This is the work of the Holy Spirit. The Spirit is the love of God come to dwell in the heart. The Kingdom of God is the joy of the Holy Spirit.
  11. Triumph of Faith — Three aspects of faith: struggling, resting, and triumphing. Knowing about Christ is only a start. You will not rest until you trust in Him. You will not triumph until you recognize Him as Lord. If the peace of God is to rule in your heart, the God of peace Himself must be there to do it.
  12. The Source of Power in Prayer — When we realize that we cannot pray as we ought, and get out of the way and let the Holy Spirit within us do the praying, then we will have a truly effective prayer life. We must recognize our ignorance, we must worship, we must fellowship, and we must intercede. God long to find the intercession of Jesus reflected in the hearts of His children.
  13. That God May Be All in All — Let God be God. Take time before prayer to realize the glory and presence of God. Accept His will in everything—every trouble, temptation, vexation, or worry. Trust in His power. Sacrifice everything for His Kingdom and glory. Wait continually on Him all day long. Live continually in His presence. Give God the first place.
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