Love Not the World

by Watchman Nee, 1978
Love Not the World
  1. The Mind Behind the System -- There is an ordered world system governed from behind the scenes by Satan. This system encompasses politics, education, literature, science, art, law, commerce, music -- anything involved in the progress of mankind [humanism].
  2. The Trend Away From God -- No matter how good the intial intentions, all organizations created by mankind eventually turn away from Godly power to worldliness. When the influence of divine Life is removed, organizations gravitate towards materialism, humanism, worldliness, and Satan.
  3. A World Under Water -- Salvation is our translation from the corrupt world system ruled by Satan to the Kingdom of Heaven ruled by Christ as our Head and our Lord. In the ceremony of baptism, we pass through water to represent this transition.
  4. Crucified Unto Me -- The world system is under the sentence of death. It has been crucified as was our flesh with Christ. Knowing this, we cannot place in it any hopes for our future. Our only hope is in Christ.
  5. Distinctiveness -- We are called out of the world to be born from above. This gives us an otherworldy aspect which sets us apart from the world and causes it to hate us. The world may appreciate our good works, but it cannot abide the Spirit-imparted Life which has been given to us.
  6. Lights in the World -- God has placed us in the world to shed the Light of His Life on it, revealing its rebelliousness, hollowness, and emptiness. Then we are to proclaim the good news of the gospel which is that all men can be freed from the world's emptiness by turning to the Light and accepting it.
  7. Detachment -- We are placed in the world to spread the gospel. While we should not avoid interaction with worldly things, we must not become attached to them. We must be ready to leave it all behind should God command it.
  8. Mutual Refreshing -- As we pass through the world, we are bound to "get our feet dirty." It becomes very important then, for us to "wash one another's feet." When we encourage one another and minister Life to one another, we knock the dust of the world off and refresh those around us.
  9. My Laws in Their Hearts -- What is it that keeps us in touch with the world, and yet detached from it? Is it not the Holy Spirit in our hearts, informing us when we are about to take a wrong step? We are of God, therefore Satan's power is limited and overcome when we walk in the Spirit.
  10. The Powers of the Age to Come -- In God's original plan, men were given dominion over the earth. In the coming age, His plan will be fulfilled. In Christ, we taste of those powers of dominion and witness of that dominion to Satan's forces now. But the price is high, our allegiance to God must be utterly unqualified.
  11. Robbing the Usurper -- The only way to dedicate something of the world, such as money, to the use of God's Kingdom is to bring it to Him. We must give ourselves to the Lord first. When we are wholly dedicated to Him, all our resources may be placed at His disposal.
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