Editorials, Volume 9

We Travel an Appointed Way

And Other Essays

by A.W. Tozer, 1988
We Travel an Appointed Way

The ninth collection of editorials written for the Alliance Life (formerly The Alliance Witness/Weekly). Compiled by Harry Verploegh.

  1. We Travel an Appointed Way
  2. Credulity versus Faith
  3. The Bible: the Book of Life
  4. Autumn Winds
  5. Humility Wins Where Force Cannot
  6. A Word to the Men about the Women
  7. There Are No Insignificant Christians
  8. The Tragedy of Waste
  9. Success Is Costly
  10. Dismissing Distractions
  11. A Christian Cannot Afford to Blame
  12. Truth Brings Problems, Too
  13. Why Some Christians Are Disliked
  14. If Christ Carries the Burden
  15. Love Is the Will To, the Intention
  16. God’s Side versus the Wrong Side
  17. Praying without Condition
  18. 0 Lord, Turn Us Again to Thee!
  19. Heresy among the Saints
  20. On Bearing Others’ Infirmities
  21. Holy Men and Holy Deeds
  22. Beauty at Christmas
  23. The Second-best Book for a Christian
  24. The Vital Place of Self-criticism
  25. God’s Best Gift
  26. Beware Respect of Persons
  27. Religion in the Passive Voice
  28. Help from Paul’s Trials
  29. The Unchanging World of Men
  30. Meditation on the New Year
  31. The Witness of the Spirit: What Is It?
  32. Eloquence Can Bring a Snare
  33. Religion of the Intellect versus Religion of the Spirit
  34. Does Our Lord Pray for the Unsaved?
  35. Why Do We Love Facts and Despise Truth?
  36. Our Brother, Peter
  37. Beware Inflation!
  38. Could This Be Our Most Critical Need?
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