Editorials, Volume 13

The Warfare of the Spirit

Religious Ritual Versus the Presence of the Indwelling Christ

by A.W. Tozer, 1993
The Warfare of the Spirit

The thirteenth and final collection of editorials written for the Alliance Life (formerly The Alliance Witness/Weekly). Compiled by Harry Verploegh.

  1. The Warfare of the Spirit
  2. The Money Question Needs Prayerful Restudy—Part I
  3. The Money Question Needs Prayerful Restudy—Part II
  4. Are We Evangelicals Social Climbing?
  5. Crowning the Court Fool
  6. Let No One Become Necessary to You
  7. The Art of Doing Good Unobtrusively—Part I
  8. The Art of Doing Good Unobtrusively—Part II
  9. What Made David Run?
  10. Eternal Retribution—A Bible Doctrine
  11. A Word to the Wise
  12. Eating the Locoweed
  13. Perfect Love Casts Out Fear
  14. Christmas Reformation Long Overdue
  15. Lift Your Glad Voices
  16. Laboring the Obvious
  17. Ability and Responsibility
  18. Beware the Romantic Spirit in Religion
  19. Joy Will Come in Its Own Time
  20. Temperance, the Rare Virtue
  21. The Dangers of Overstimulation
  22. The Meaning of Christmas
  23. A Glance Back and a Look Forward
  24. Singing Commentary
  25. Our Imperfect View of Truth
  26. The Easter Emphasis
  27. The Teachings of Christ Are for Christians
  28. The Decline of Good Reading
  29. The Way of the Cross
  30. Needed: A Reformation within the Church
  31. The Perils of Too Much Liberty
  32. The Days of Our Years
  33. On Going through School without Learning Anything
  34. The Deadliest Sins of All
  35. Conformity, a Snare in Religion
  36. The Popularity of Christ
  37. The Lordship of the Man Jesus Is Basic
  38. The Menace of the Common Image
  39. Satan’s Defeat Linked to His Moral Folly
  40. The Man and the Machine
  41. Leaders and Followers
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