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The Attributes of God

A Journey Into the Father’s Heart

by A.W. Tozer, 1997
The Attributes of God

Also available on cassette: Volume 1 Volume 2

  1. God’s Infinitude (Volume 1, Cassette #1: Journey into the Heart of God) — God is not subject to any limits. He cannot be contained within space. He cannot be measured because measurements describe boundaries. God has no boundaries. Because God is infinite, every attribute that describes Him is also infinite. [The Journey to Infinity; Infinity Cannot Be Measured; God Takes Pleasure in Himself; God Takes Pleasure in His Work; Singing for Joy]
  2. God’s Imminence(sic), God’s Immensity (Volume 1, Cassette #2: God’s Eminence(sic), God’s Immensity) — There isn’t any place where God is not, thus His immanence. All things have their being in God, and God loves them and keeps them. Why then are we so afraid to trust Him? Why do we rely on things so much smaller than God? Only God can satisfy the soul created in His image. [Illumination; The Size of Things; The Imminence (sic) of God; The Immensity of God; God Holds What He Loves; Why Are We Not Happy?; God’s Enthusiasm; Hunger for God; God Must Be First]
  3. God’s Goodness (Volume 1, Cassette #3: God’s Goodness) — God is kind, cordial, benevolent, and full of good will toward us. He has only the best in mind for us. It is by the foolishness of our own rebellion that we do not receive the benefits of that goodness. God’s goodness is the only valid reason underlying all things. [What Good Means; Our Reason for Living; Goodness and Severity; We Can Boldly Approach Him; God’s Kindness; God Wants to Please Us]
  4. God’s Justice (Volume 1, Cassette #4: God’s Justice) — Everything God does is right. He is the standard for what is right. Anything that conforms to the nature of God is good, anything that fails to do so is evil. God is compassionate because He is good, and goodness cannot exist apart from justice. [The Unity of God; The Passion of Christ; The Unchanging God]
  5. God’s Mercy (Volume 1, Cassette #5: God’s Mercy) — Mercy is God’s goodness confronting human suffering and guilt. God deals in justice when His mercy is despised. God’s mercy never violates His justice, and God’s justice never overpowers His mercy. We place ourselves in jeopardy when we decide God’s offering of mercy is not to our liking. [The Operation of God’s Mercy; The Suffering of God; The Nearness of God’s Mercy; Our Response to God’s Mercy]
  6. God’s Grace (Volume 2, Cassette #1: God’s Grace) — God bestows benefits and blessings on the underserving. No one can come into God’s divine favour except by grace. Grace always comes to us through Jesus Christ. No matter how big the inequity between ourselves and God’s righteousness, God’s grace is infinitely bigger. Best of all, it is free to those who trust themselves to Him by faith in Christ. [Grace Flows from God’s Goodness; Grace: The Only Means of Salvation; Grace Is What God Is Like; How to Look at Grace; Grace Is Released at the Cross; Some Things We Do Not Know; Only Believe; Where the Grace Is]
  7. God’s Omnipresence (Volume 2, Cassette #2: God’s Omnipresence) — God is everywhere. Everything in the universe originated in spirit, flows out of spirit, in essence is spiritual, and is inhabited by the Spirit. His personal presence is everywhere real and perceptible to those who seek Him. That is the bliss of all moral creatures. [What Omnipresence Is; Our Remoteness from God; Illustrations from Scripture; The Bliss of Moral Creatures; The Reconciliation of the Dissimilar; Communion with God]
  8. God’s Immanence (Volume 2, Cassette #3: God’s Omnipresence/Eminence(sic)) — A relationship with God can only be enjoyed to the degree that we are morally compatible with Him. Only by regeneration through trust in Christ can we have any of the necessary compatibility, and then only because we are given a measure of God’s character. God is always right here, yet He seems far away because of the moral dissimilarity. If we would draw near to God, we must desire to be like Him. [Restoration of Moral Comparability; Yearning for God; The Holiness of Christ; The Unselfishness of Christ; The Love of Christ; Other Qualities of Christ; Likeness Is Not Justification]
  9. God’s Holiness (Volume 2, Cassette #4: God’s Holiness) — Only the Holy Spirit can give us a sense of what holiness truly is. God’s holiness is beyond anything we can possibly conceive. Unholiness degrades and destroys God’s creation. God’s wrath is His intolerance of that degradation, and His preservation of what He has made. [We Cannot Understand Holiness; Two Words for Holiness; The Fiery Holiness of God; The Holy One and the Sinner]
  10. God’s Perfection (Volume 2, Cassette #5: God’s Perfection) — God stands alone as God and nothing can be compared with Him. Our inability to describe God adequately is due to our own imperfections. He has unqualified completeness and fullness of whatever He has. The beauty of the Lord is His perfection. He has all that He should have of everything. He needs nothing to complete Him or improve Him. [Our Gains and Losses; No Awareness of the Eternal; External Gains, Internal Losses; What Is Perfection?; No Degrees In God; What Honors God Is Beautiful; Beauty Centers around Christ; Nothing Bad Is Beautiful; Nothing Wonderful in the World]
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