Like a Mighty Wind

by Mel Tari, 1971
Like a Mighty Wind

From the publisher’s notes:

Water turned into wine...Men raised from the dead...The ability to eat poison and not be harmed; to walk across a river 30 feet deep...

Miracles like these, performed in Biblical times, have often been written off for the 1970’s. But they are happening today (1971) as men, women and children simply believe God and act on His promises.

The place? Indonesia—a network of islands in the Pacific now in the midst of what may be the greatest revival of the 20th century.

The Indonesian Bible Society which tries to chart the results has found it impossible to keep up with the statistics. Churches in Central Java, for example, which reported 30,000 members in 1961 now number more than 100,000—almost doubling annually.

Revival began in the city of Soe on the island of Timor in the Lesser Sunda group and is continuing through the work of evangelistic teams.

One of the men who is going out is Melchoir Tari, better known as Mel, who was 18 when the revival started. Mel has now crisscrossed the United States and Europe, depending only on God to supply his needs. —Publisher's note, 1971

By 2005, the revival of those days had long since died out. There were however, still Christians in that part of the world who reported miraculous deliverance from the massive tsunami that hit that region.

Although the events related by Mel Tari happened over 30 years ago, they stand as a witness that God still works wonders — even in modern times.

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