The Blood Covenant

A Primitive Rite and Its Bearings on Scripture

by H. Clay Trumbull, 1893
The Blood Covenant

The blood covenant was the most solemn, binding agreement possible between two parties in ancient times. Even among many primitive peoples in recent times, shadows and variations of the practice have been found. If we are to fully understand the biblical covenants, we must understand how they were viewed by the men with whom God established the covenants. By studying the similarities in the various rites of blood agreement, we get a more complete picture of God’s redemptive plan for the human race.

In The Blood Covenant, Mr. Trumbull explores these variations and makes some very insightful observations which shed a great deal of light on passages of Scripture which otherwise seem curious or inconsistent. The call for Abraham to sacrifice Isaac, for example, becomes a sacred matter of honor once the magnitude of the covenant relationship is grasped.

Most importantly, the full impact of the agreements made by God with man facilitate a greater appreciation for both the Old and New Covenants. The elements of communion become more than just a ritual or a memorial of a sacrifice; they become the re-enactment of the covenant bond. It is important to know what we have been granted under the New Covenant so that we may share what truly is good news with those around us.

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The Blood Covenant
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