The Blood Covenant

by E.W. Kenyon
The Blood Covenant

The New Covenant is often not well understood because the ancient concept of a covenant has been lost in our scientific age. Even the Old Covenant has been reduced to a system of moral laws to be followed. The real blessings of the covenants have been forgotten. In The Blood Covenant, we are reminded of the original meaning of a covenant relationship between two parties, and the covenants of the Bible are reintroduced as God’s methods for restoring His relationship with His people.

  1. The New Covenant in My Blood — The blood of the New Covenant is easier to understand when compared to the blood covenants of primitive religions.
  2. The Origin of the Blood Covenant — The blood covenant guaranteed protection, and loyalty. It could turn enemies into friends.
  3. The Covenant in Africa — Blessings and curses were pronounced over the covenant parties. The blessings represent the privileges granted to the blood brothers. The curses were the penalties for breaking the covenant.
  4. Jehovah Cuts the Covenant with Abraham — God’s covenant with Abraham is the basis for Judaism and Christianity.
  5. Abraham’s Sacrifice — Abraham was obedient to the command to sacrifice Isaac because of his faithfulness to the covenant with God and his trust in God to be faithful to that covenant also.
  6. The Abrahamic Covenant — God protected Israel as a nation because of His covenant with Abraham.
  7. Israel, the Blood Covenant People — The covenant guaranteed that Israel would be protected from their enemies and from diseases as long as they were faithful to keep the terms of the covenant. The law was given to help them to keep the terms of the covenant. The priesthood was established to provide a way for people to be restored to the covenant when they broke the terms of the covenant.
  8. The New Covenant — Jesus is the guarantor of the New Covenant.
  9. Contrast of the Two Covenants — The Old Covenant was a type and shadow of the New. Jesus fulfilled the Old Covenant and set aside its ritual requirements. The New Covenant not only upholds the promises of the Old, but also offers better promises.
  10. A Study in Hebrews — Under the Old Covenant, sin was covered (atonement). In the New Covenant, sin was put away (remitted).
  11. The One Sacrifice — The death of Jesus put an end to all the animal sacrifices as well as the annual atonement and scapegoats.
  12. The Present Ministry of Christ — Jesus is the mediator, the intercessor, the advocate, and the surety of the New Covenant.
  13. Three Big Words — Remission, forgiveness, atonement.
  14. The Fourfold Blessings — We have partaken of the divine nature, we are sons of God, we are the righteousness of God, and we have the legal right to use the Name of Jesus.
  15. Redemption Is by God — Only God could redeem us from the power and bondage of Satan as well as release us from the dominion of Satan.
  16. Beneath His Feet — The victory of Jesus over sin, sickness, and the forces of the enemy is our victory.
  17. “In My Name” — We may use the Name of Jesus in prayer to the Father, or we may use the Name of Jesus to command sickness, lack, or demons to flee.
  18. What the Lord’s Table Teaches — The covenant meal demonstrates the Love of God.
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