Love: The Way to Victory

by Kenneth E. Hagin, 1994
Love: The Way to Victory

Dr. Kenneth E. Hagin was certainly a man who practiced what he preached. He had a reputation among those who knew him as a man who consistently endeavored to walk in love. The principles he shared came from his years of experience practicing the love-walk.

This book covers several aspects of walking in love, from health benefits and long life to the necessity of forgiveness. Though much of the book comes from the perspective of doing acts of love, there are also sections which cover what love is and how the love of God affects us.

Both the Scriptural exhortation and the stories from life experience in this book give valuable insight that will help anyone seeking to walk in love to grow in their ability to manifest this godly attribute in their lives.

  1. Characteristics of the God-Kind of Love — Love defined; Love takes no account of a suffered wrong; Divine love is a peacemaker; Learn to let God’s love dominate; Love is a fruit of the spirit; Walking in the spirit is walking in love; Love works no ill to his neighbour; Love works no ill in marriage
  2. Divine Love: The Evidence of the New Birth — How we know we are saved; The love of God constrains us; Learn to put God’s love to work for you; You can mature in love
  3. Love: The Law of the New covenant — The law of love supersedes the ten commandments; Why believers can be led by their heart; Love — faith’s power; The God-kind of love fulfills the law; Sons of God are sons of love; Owe nothing but love
  4. The God-Kind of Love Forgives — Sanctification; The God-kind of love forgives and forgets; God looks on the heart; Forgiveness under the New Covenant; Forgiveness doesn’t hold on to grudges; Unforgiveness: A hindrance to faith and prayer; Be quick to repent and quick to believe; Forgive yourself too! Paul had to forgive himself; Take God at His Word
  5. The Benefits of Walking in Love — Walking in love is profitable; Harboring ill will damages you! Keep your tongue so you can keep your life! Divine love vs. human love; Divine love can be stern
  6. Failing To Walk in Love Can Affect Your Health — A right heart receives from God; Harmful effects of animosity; Do you love your brother? The woman who said, I hate my mother-in-law; I’ll take sickness from the midst of you; The number of your days I will fulfill; How to prolong your life; Parents: Walk in love toward your children
  7. Judge Yourself — And You Won’t Be Judged — Discern the Lord’s Body; Failure to judge yourself results in the Lord’s judgment; Make the necessary adjustments; The destruction of the flesh; Are you shortening your days or lengthening them? When faith won’t work
  8. Love Your Enemies — Show God’s love to your enemies; Do good to your enemies; Pray for your enemies; The love of God in action; Return good for evil and inherit a blessing! Practice staying in an attitude of love; God’s love — The great healing agent; Being a doer of the Word; Do unto others...
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