The Art of Prayer

A Handbook on How to Pray

by Kenneth E. Hagin, 1992
The Art of Prayer

Brother Hagin teaches on supplication and intercession (in its various forms), using Scripture and material from Rev. Wilford H. Reidt. It is an overview of the types of intercession with anecdotes which illustrate the various points. The book concludes with some important applications for the types of prayer that were presented.

  1. Why Pray? — God rules through the willing cooperation of His children.
  2. Various Kinds of Prayer — We need to use the right type of prayer for the situation: The prayer of faith, the prayer of consecration, the prayer of commitment, the prayer of worship, the prayer of agreement, prayer in the spirit, united prayer, the prayer of supplication, intercessory prayer.
  3. Supplication Defined — A humble, earnest entreaty or request made on behalf of ourselves, other believers, or people in authority.
  4. Intercession Defined — Prayer to hold back judgment. The intercessor stands in the gap between someone and the judgment that is coming upon them and allows them additional opportunity to repent.
  5. Man’s Need for an Intercessor — Both Jesus and the Holy Spirit intercede with the Father on our behalf.
  6. The Prayer Life of the Believer — We are one with Christ in His ministry of reconciliation and we identify with those for whom we pray through love and compassion.
  7. Love: The Foundation for Successful Prayer — God has poured His love into our hearts and we in prayer apply the power of that love and compassion to the situation.
  8. Knowing God’s Love — Our intercession is mainly to break the bondage that the devil has over people.
  9. Boldness — We need boldness to act on God’s Word. We need boldness to act on what the Spirit of God may say to us.
  10. Elements of the Believer’s Prayer Life — Fervency, desire, perseverence, and fasting may each play a part according to the Lord’s leading.
  11. The Holy Spirit: Our Helper in Prayer — The Holy Spirit will not do our praying for us, but we will be able to pray with His ability.
  12. The Holy Spirit and Our Infirmities — The Holy Spirit compensates for our ignorance and dullness of perception.
  13. Prayer for the Sick — We may be called upon to pray for the healing of those who do not know or do not understand the covenant promises of God.
  14. What Is Praying in the Spirit? — Praying in the Spirit can be in a known or unknown language. We pray beyond our natural intellect when we pray in the Spirit.
  15. Quiet Prayer — Prayer does not always need to be aloud. We need to say it to pray, but we can whisper quietly or pray on the inside.
  16. Not-So-Quiet Prayer — Sometimes, spiritual pressure builds up to the point where prayer must be released loudly.
  17. Groanings in the Spirit — Sometimes the only adequate expression to the spirit of prayer is groaning.
  18. The Praying Church — As members of the Body of Christ, we ought to bear one another’s burdens.
  19. Until Christ Be Formed in You — We can nurture people toward spiritual maturity through prayer.
  20. Praying for Those in Sin — We can grieve in the spirit over those who have sinned and not repented.
  21. Praying for Deliverance — Sometimes we get an urge to pray for someone and must obey that urge. Often, they are in need of deliverance at that moment.
  22. Interceding for the Lost — A spirit of travail is needed to bring the lost to the point where they can experience the new birth.
  23. Prevailing in Prayer — Sometimes it is necessary to persevere in prayer by taking a bold stand on the Word of God, refusing to back down until the answer comes.
  24. Praying for Your Nation — No matter what the situation, we can do something about it and it starts with prayer for our leaders.
  25. Excesses — Some areas where people tend to take valid principles too far or out of their proper context.
  26. Reviving the Art — God can accomplish what He desires in the earth as His people learn to practice this art of prayer.
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