The Latent Power of the Soul

by Watchman Nee, 1972
The Latent Power of the Soul

A series of three articles written to discuss the strange manifestations of supernatural power which many people claim to be able to exercise, including telepathy, telekinesis, astral projection, visions, premonitions, and hypnosis. Here, these psychic powers are attributed to the soul. In The Communion of the Holy Spirit, some of these powers are attributed to evil spirits. Regardless of their source, in both books, we are cautioned to avoid them. Instead, we are to seek only the power of the Holy Spirit.

  1. The Latent Power of the Soul (Revelation 18:11-13, I Corinthians 15:45-46, Genesis 2:7)
    • Trilogy of Spirit, Soul, and Body -- Quickly reviews the different aspects of the body, soul, and spirit as presented in The Spiritual Man. This review is followed by several discussions of Adam's pre-fall abilities.
    • Adam's Authority and Physical Prowess
    • Adam's Brain Power and Memory
    • Adam's Managerial Power
    • The Power God Gave to Adam
    • The Fall of Man -- How the fall of man affected his abilities.
    • Viewing Religiously -- How some of the world's religions try to explain the source and utility of these powers.
    • Viewing Scientifically -- How psychology tries to explain the source and utility of these powers.
    • The Common Rule -- Whatever the explanation, these abilities are linked to man's fall, and are therefore not to be used.
    • Some Facts -- Anecdotal evidence of the manifestation of some of these powers.
    • The Christian's Attitude -- God's attitude towards the various powers of the soul, Satan's strategy regarding these powers, and how Christians should respond.
  2. The Christian and Psychic Force
    A discussion of the dangers of psychic powers and how Christians can guard against them.
    • Four Facts -- Satan's continuing attempts to pervert God's original creation particularly relating to these "miraculous" powers.
    • The Point of Difference in the Workings of God and Satan -- God works in the spirit, Satan works with the soul.
    • The Two Sides of Soul Power -- Conscious and subconscious.
    • What Satan Is Doing in the Church Today -- How Christians are deceived by apparently miraculous signs which are in truth accomplished without the power of the Holy Spirit:
    • Prayer -- The damage that can result from praying towards a person or object rather than towards God.
    • Power for Service -- Reaching people's emotions or persuading them with powerful speeches does not accomplish God's work with God's power.
    • Peace and Joy -- Attempting to achieve peace and joy apart from God's provision.
    • Wonders -- Visions, dreams, and spiritual experiences that do not necessarily come from God.
    • Spirit-Baptism -- Another form of false spiritual experience that produces no real spiritual benefit.
    • Knowing Psychic Force -- The various manifestations of psychic power that are generally avoided by Christians.
  3. Spirit Force vs. Psychic Force
    • Prophecies in the Bible -- Some passages which predict the increase of "supernatural" manifestations.
    • A Personal Remark -- The following are a few areas of "normal" Christian effort, which tend to be performed through the use of our own natural abilities:
    • Example 1: Personal Evangelism
    • Example 2: Revival Meeting
    • Example 3: Singing
    • Example 4: Bible Expounding
    • Example 5: Joy
    • Example 6: Visions and Dreams
    • Examine the Source -- These works must also be reliant on the power of the Holy Spirit.
    • Differences in Effects -- Holy Spirit guided works are always spiritually beneficial.
    • The Danger of Working in Soul Power -- The results are worth nothing.
    • The Spirit Gives Life -- The relation of regeneration to resurrection.
    • Must Deal with the Soul -- The necessary precursor to bearing much fruit.
    • The Lord's Example -- How Christ exemplified the importance of relying completely on God's power instead of working through natural abilities.
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