The Broken Image

by Leanne Payne, 1981
The Broken Image

This book deals with the healing of people who have severe identity crises, particularly homosexuals. The tragic histories of those who have suffered these crises may be disturbing for some. The lessons to be learned are important, however, and are significant to those who have suffered as well as to those who would lead them to wholeness in Christ.

  1. Lisa’s Story: Repressed Memory — The Presence of God transcends time and can apply healing to wounds from the past that are too horrible to remember.
  2. The Causes of Homosexuality: Contemporary Theories — Modern ideas that fail to address the pain that underlies homosexuality.
  3. Matthew’s Story: Identity Crisis — Our identity, purpose, and creative will spring from a true knowledge of who we are in God.
  4. The Search for Sexual Identity — By learning to listen to God, and obey His guidance in love, we turn away from wrong forms of self-love and become effective at expressing and affirming true beauty.
  5. The Identity Crisis According to the Scriptures — In worshiping the creature, we lose our identity. But Christ, living within us, gives us a fullness and glory of being that reveals our true identity in Him. “Obedience is the key. And to obey God is to listen to Him.”
  6. Listening for the Healing Word — Listening through the Scriptures and through prayer. The importance of listening to our personhood, our imagination, and our expression of the gifts of the Spirit.
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