Editorials, Volume 1

The Root of the Righteous

Tapping the Bedrock of True Spirituality

by A.W. Tozer, 1955
The Root of the Righteous

The first collection of editorials written for The Alliance Weekly. Compiled by A.W. Tozer.

  1. The Root of the Righteous
  2. We Must Give Time to God
  3. God Is Easy to Live With
  4. Listen to the Man Who Listens to God
  5. We Must Hear Worthily
  6. That Utilitarian Christ
  7. On Receiving Admonition
  8. The Great God Entertainment
  9. Bible Taught or Spirit Taught?
  10. The Terror of the Lord
  11. No Regeneration Without Reformation
  12. Faith Is a Perturbing Thing
  13. True Faith Brings Committal
  14. The Great Disparity
  15. Our Enemy Contentment
  16. Christ Is the Pattern
  17. The Cross Is a Radical Thing
  18. We Must Die If We Would Live
  19. Christ Died for Our Hearts
  20. We Stand in Christ’s Triumph
  21. To Be or To Do
  22. Make Room for Mystery
  23. The Whole Life Must Pray
  24. No Saviourhood Without Lordship
  25. A Sweet Lute, Sweetly Played
  26. The All-importance of Motive
  27. The Presence More Important Than the Program
  28. The World’s Most Tragic Waste
  29. The Hunger of the Wilderness
  30. Our Fruit Will Be What We Are
  31. Needed: A Baptism of Clear Seeing
  32. Narrow Mansions
  33. The Sanctification of Our Desires
  34. In Praise of Disbelief
  35. Thankfulness As a Moral Therapeutic
  36. Understanding Those Dry Spells
  37. About Hindrances
  38. The Uses of Suffering
  39. Praise God for the Furnace
  40. Victory in the Guise of Defeat
  41. Love of the Unseen Is Possible
  42. Something Beyond Song
  43. Three Degrees of Love
  44. We Need Cool Heads
  45. We Can Afford to Wait
  46. God, the First and the Last
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