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Jesus, Our Man in Glory

12 Messages from the Book of Hebrews

by A.W. Tozer, 1987
Jesus, Our Man in Glory
  1. Jesus, Our Man in Glory — Everything about Jesus is glorious / We have a commision from heaven / Priesthood in the Old Testament / Man is at fault / What Jesus’ manhood means to us
  2. Jesus, God’s Final Revelation — The key to our boredom / We must approach the Word expectantly / God has always spoken to us / The purpose of Hebrews / God’s message to us / Hebrews reassures us
  3. Jesus, Heir of All ThingsAll things equals the universe / We must get serious / God has a master plan / Not yet do we see it / All things — what is included? / Not a new concept / And the church, too / Some day we will comprehend
  4. Jesus, God’s Express Image — We are convinced / God became flesh in Jesus Christ / We are inclined to irreverence / Exact representation, person / What is God like? / Eternity in our hearts / Religions have no answers / Jesus is what God is like / In Jesus the revelation is complete
  5. Jesus, Lord of the Angels — The readers needed encouragement / Science demands measurable evidence / Angels and Christmas / I have never seen an angel / Angels in disguise / God knows us well
  6. Jesus, Standard of Righteousness — Without excuse / What did the anointing signify? / The anointing is no secret / We must hate some things / Hate sin but love the sinner / Why no persecution? / We are tolerant of evil
  7. Jesus, the Eternal Word — The Word of God is more than just the Bible / The Word of God is powerful / How does the balance sheet look? / A once-for-all sacrifice / There is more good news / We are joined to Jesus
  8. Jesus, Keeper of God’s Promises — God is unchanging / God does not play on our emotions / Jesus has supreme authority / Psalm 89 states the theme / Why covenants fail / Shall we not trust Him?
  9. Jesus, Like unto Melchizedek — The mysterious Melchizedek / Israel’s final hope / We are free in Christ Jesus / Note the comparisons / The futile repair / Jesus lives eternally / A personal testimony
  10. Jesus, One Face of One God — Salvation involves the entire Trinity / Which is more important? / No contradictions / A self-demonstrating truth / God does not change / The personal application / The meaning of the three stories
  11. Jesus, Mediator of the New Will — Blood and life are mysteriously related / Only a change of residence / Death has two forms / Sin ends at death / God’s holiness and justice are satisfied / Death made the will effective
  12. Jesus, Fulfillment of the Shadow — Shadow versus reality / Our hearts must be in tune with God / What have we done with this message? / Substance, not shadow / Jesus took our guilt, but... / God is our hiding place / Jesus is enough
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