Pulpit Series, Volume 2

The Counselor

Straight Talk About the Holy Spirit from a 20th Century Prophet

by A.W. Tozer, 1993
The Counselor

Previously published as When He Is Come. Available on cassette as Tozer on the Holy Spirit

The heart of the message is Tozer’s, but it has been edited, condensed, rearranged, reworded, and reduced in quality by overzealous and under-educated editors. The result is a weaker version of Tozer’s original messages. Fortunately, these are still available on audio cassette for those who would prefer the full strength of what Tozer meant to convey.

These messages are also available in Volume I, Book 2 of The Tozer Pulpit with Scripture quotes from the King James Version rather than the New International Version of the Bible.

Chapters 3, 6, 5, and 8 roughly correspond to the booklet How to Be Filled with the Holy Spirit, which was taken from stenograph notes of a series of sermons on the same subject given at another time.

  1. Whenever Jesus Christ Is Glorified, the Holy Spirit Comes (Cassette #6: The Marks of a Spirit-Filled Church) — A contrast between the types of people who feel at home in a Spirit-filled church and the types who don’t.
  2. The Holy Spirit Is Not Known Through the Intellect (Cassette #4, Side 2: The Holy Spirit Reveals Divine Things) — The Biblical basis for the assertion that Spiritual truths cannot be intellectually perceived and the dangerous errors that arise from believing otherwise.
  3. The Presence and Ministry of the Holy Spirit: All that Jesus Would Be (Cassette #1, Side 1: Who Is the Holy Spirit and How Can We Know Him?) — A discussion of the qualities and character of the Holy Spirit and the results of neglecting Him.
  4. Pentecost: Perpetuation, Not Repetition (Cassette #2, Side 2: The Signs of Pentecost Today) — Pentecost did not come and go, it came and stayed. There were internal, spiritual realities at Pentecost that were permanent. The externals may be repeated from time to time, but they are not essential.
  5. The Promised Filling of the Holy Spirit: Instantly, Not Gradually (Cassette #3, Side 1: The Path to Power and Usefulness) — Can we be filled? Do we want to be filled? Are we willing to be filled? Do we need to be filled? How are we to be filled?
  6. Do You Have All God Wants for You? (Cassette #1, Side 2: God’s Great Promise to His Church) — The Holy Spirit is the promise of the Father. To neglect Him is to give up our birthright and to hinder ourselves in our spiritual walk.
  7. Spiritual Gifts: The Ability to Do (Cassette #5: The Gifts of the Spirit Today) — A discussion of what the spiritual gifts are and of the things which are substituted for them.
  8. Cultivating the Fellowship of the Holy Spirit (Cassette #4, Side 1: How to Cultivate the Holy Spirit’s Companionship) — Our relationship with the Person of the Holy Spirit can grow and must be cultivated just as any other relationship we have may grow and must be cultivated.
  9. The Holy Spirit Makes the Difference! (Cassette #2, Side 1: What Difference Does the Holy Spirit Make?) — The difference in the disciples before Pentecost and after Pentecost.
  10. The Heavenly Dove: Repelled by Corruption (Cassette #3, Side 1: The Holy Spirit—Let Him come In) — Will the Holy Spirit find a resting place among us these days? Or are we so unholy that He can find no place for the sole of [His] foot?
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