Spiritual Reality or Obsession

by Watchman Nee, 1970
Spiritual Reality or Obsession
  1. Spiritual Reality: What It Is -- A discussion of spiritual reality as it relates to baptism, communion, the Church, worship, thanks and praise, prayer, the blood of the Lord Jesus, the crucifixion of our old man, knowing Christ, forgiveness, humility, and love.
  2. Spiritual Reality: Its Relationships
    1. Reality and Conduct -- Our conduct must flow from spiritual reality. Trying to mold our conduct to our concept of how a Christian ought to behave only leads to frustration and failure. Our conduct should flow from His Life.
    2. Supply and Reality -- Work is not what you do but what you have passed through before God. Your own spiritual experiences supply Life to others.
    3. Question and Reality -- The mind of man will never be satisfied. No matter how much explanation there is, questions will always remain. Only by introducing a person to spiritual reality can understanding be achieved.
  3. Spiritual Reality: How to Enter In -- The revelation of the Spirit and the discipline of the Spirit enable us to enter into reality. Revelation causes us to know and see reality. Discipline guides us into the experience of reality.
  4. Obsession: What It Is -- Obsession is self-deception. This is illustrated several ways:
    • Obsession Illustrated in Malachi
    • Obsession Illustrated in John
    • The Phenomena of Obsession -- In the areas of speech, illness, fear, conjectures, the Sin nature, and the difference between good and evil.
  5. Obsession: Causes and Deliverance
    • Love Darkness
    • Pride
    • Receive Not the Love of the Truth
    • Seek Not the Glory That Comes from the Only God
    • The Deliverance: See Light in God's Light
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