Authority in Three Worlds

by Charles Capps, 1980
Authority in Three Worlds
  1. Man Under Authority — When we understand authority as the Roman centurian in Matthew 8:5-10, we will operate in the same kind of faith.
  2. In His Image — God created man in His image as a spirit with dominion over all the earth.
  3. Dominion Through Words — God’s words are filled with faith, and He used them to bring creation into existence. Man, under God’s authority, was meant to exercise his faith through words.
  4. Keys to Understanding the Bible — Satan usurped control over the earth when man submitted himself to Satan in disobedence to God.
  5. Noah’s Covenant — God began to re-establish His influence in the earth by making a covenant with Noah.
  6. Abraham’s Covenant — God made an unbreakable blood covenant with Abraham to seal His intention of returning the Blessing to mankind in the earth. He then tested Abraham by calling for the sacrifice of his only son, which was obligatory under the terms of the covenant. Abraham proved himself faithful to the covenant, setting the stage for God to make the same type of sacrifice.
  7. The Miraculous Conception — Jesus was brought into the earth in such a way that He had a human body, yet did not carry the death from Adam in His blood.
  8. The Authority of the Body — The birth of Jesus in the earth gave Him legal access and authority, whereas Satan was a thief and a robber for usurping control through man’s disobedience.
  9. The Authority of Jesus — Jesus had the authority to have dominion in the earth, but His ability to act came from God through the anointing.
  10. Judgment of this World — Jesus brought judgment on the enemy by suffering for sin. He stripped the enemy of his power.
  11. Jesus; the Sin Offering — The sacrifice Jesus made is seen more clearly through study of the types and shadows of the Old Testament.
  12. Jesus, A Type of the Rod — Another Old Testament image of the work of Jesus on our behalf.
  13. First-Begotten of the Dead — Jesus was born from death unto life when God raised Him from the dead. We receive the same new birth in Him.
  14. Keys of the Kingdom — Jesus delegated authority to us to bind and loose things in accordance with the will of God.
  15. Dominion In Three Worlds — Jesus has given us His Name before which beings in Heaven, earth, and under the earth must bow.
  16. One With God — The power of God is available to us through the Holy Spirit to operate in our God-given authority.
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