Intercessory Prayer

How God Can Use Your Prayers to Move Heaven and Earth

by Dutch Sheets, 1996
Intercessory Prayer

This book is less of a study of the many Scriptures which discuss prayer; it is more of an investigation of the various meanings of the Hebrew and Greek words used in those Scriptures. As the concepts revealed in the original languages are discussed, we become aware of various modes or forms of prayer which can be used as circumstances require. Many universal principles of prayer are also revealed which allow us to pray with understanding, persistence, and boldness.

  1. The Question Is... — The right answer begins with the right question.
  2. The Necessity of Prayer — God chose, from the time of the Creation, to work on the earth through humans, not independently from them.
  3. Re-Presenting Jesus — Intercession can be summarized as mediating, going between, pleading for another, representing one party to another.
  4. Meetings: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly — Intercessors meet with God; they also meet the powers of darkness.
  5. Cheek to Cheek — He put His tear-stained cheek next to ours and bore our punishment for sin. We participate through prayer in carrying that reconciliation to others.
  6. No TrespassingNo dumping allowed, Satan. Trespassers will be violated. Timing is often critical to successful prayer.
  7. Butterflies, Mice, Elephants and Bull’s-Eyes — The Holy Spirit empowers the Butterfly Anointing so we don’t confuse the mice with the elephant. Praying in the Spirit allows us to aim at God’s targets, even when we don’t know what they are.
  8. Supernatural Childbirth — There is a prayer that births, bringing forth spiritual sons and daughters.
  9. Pro Wrestlers — Step into the ring and face the powers of darkness.
  10. Most High Man — The sin of pride, passed on from Lucifer to humans in the Garden, is what Satan uses to blind humanity. Through prayer, light can break through that blindness and the resulting strongholds can be demolished.
  11. The Lightning of God — We let the Son shine forth through us, directing His light to desired situations, allowing it to strike the mark.
  12. The Substance of Prayer — You must release the power of God inside of you on a consistent basis.
  13. Actions That Speak and Words That Perform — Our words or actions impact the heavenly realm, which then impacts the natural realm.
  14. The Watchman Anointing — To the degree we are ignorant of our adversary, he will gain on us, prey on us and defraud us of what is ours. Our constant vigilance is essential to avoiding that.
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