Pulpit Series, Volume 7

Tragedy in the Church: The Missing Gifts

And Other Essays on the Church

by A.W. Tozer, 1990
Tragedy in the Church: The Missing Gifts
  1. God’s Eternal Work: Only by His Spirit
  2. The Gifts of the Spirit: Necessity in the Church
  3. Tragedy in the Church: The Missing Gifts
  4. No Second-Class Christians: The Church Is Still the Church
  5. An Assembly of Saints: Unity in the Spirit
  6. God’s Eternal Purpose: Christ, Center of All Things
  7. The Failing Believer: God Has a Remedy
  8. The Resurrection of Christ: More Than a Festival
  9. Christian Uniformity: An Evangelical Answer
  10. The Presence of Christ: Meaning of the Communion
  11. Our Promised Hope: We Shall Be Changed
  12. The Second Coming: Our Blessed Hope
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