Healing the Nations

A Call to Global Intercession

by John Loren Sandford, 2000
Healing the Nations

One of the great concerns of our era is the conflict created by the various divisions between people groups. Those divisions may come along cultural, racial, ethnic, or political lines, but they always result in hurting people.

Healing the Nations offers hope that various groups can find healing from past wounds and begin to value the strengths that God has developed in each. People who have lost their cultural identities in order to conform to a religious system can reclaim their heritage in Christ and begin to build the Kingdom of God together with others of differing backgrounds.

  1. The Call to the Nations — John Sanford takes the themes that he and Paula have written about in terms of personal inner healing and expands them to apply to the nations of the world.
  2. What Does “Healing” Mean? — The history of a land affects its present inhabitants. Worship and praise in a particular place can make it easier to experience the Presence of God. Sin can lead to increased temptation and difficulties in a location.
  3. The First Step: Humility and Repentance — A look at two false teachings that hold the hearts and minds of many Christians captive: First, that no other religion contains any truth; and second, that only Christians are the sons and daughters of God. These two false teachings affect our concept of culture and deny certain people groups the ability to build and die to their own self-image.
  4. Who Are the Nations? — Reaching people from other political, ethnic, or religious groups than our own with the gospel of Jesus Christ requires love, humility, respect and courtesy.
  5. Defeating Satan’s Master Plan — Satan plans to build his own kingdom by uniting mankind apart from the grace and planning of God. Satan plans to steal the inheritance of Christ through the martyrdom, abortion, and murder of those He came to save. Satan plans to raise up a leader of lawlessness by destroying the concept of the goodness, righteousness, and universality of God’s laws in the minds and hearts of the general populace.
  6. Whose Job Is It to Heal the Nations? — We can only work in concert with the Father as He heals the nations if we have come to a place of maturity. We must become fathers and mothers in Christ, knowing the Heavenly Father intimately, resting in Him, and being absorbed in His purposes.
  7. Transforming Prayer for the Nations — If we are to be used by God to invite Him to accomplish His purposes in our nations, we must learn to lay down our life in burden-bearing intercession. Sin brings sorrow and death. When we identify with others through forgiveness and repentance, we choose redemptive death that ultimately brings Life to them.
  8. The Councils of God — Fathers and mothers in Christ may be called to serve in councils which are a part of the process and providence of God.
  9. Defeating the Devil’s Devices — Individual and corporate mental strongholds are overcome through the Word of God, repentance, personal testimony, the blood of Jesus, and prayer. Occult activities (divination, magic, curses, descendancies) are broken through repentance, forgiveness, and authority exercised in the name of Jesus. Division comes from a host of various types of sins, so it is imperative that we remain open and forgiving, as well as cleansed and unified in Christ.
  10. Healing Generational Sin in the Nations — Just as generational sins can destroy a single family line, corporate sins of a particular ethnic, religious, or political nation can affect generation after generation of people who belong to it.
  11. Healing and Deliverance through Spiritual Warfare for the Nations (by Cindy Jacobs) — A case study of revival in Argentina following intercession for the nation. Corporate repentance resulted in political, agricultural, and religious renewal.
  12. Setting Earth Free from Its Two Greatest Strongholds — The spirit-matter split of Platonism and the matter-is-evil deception of Docetic Gnosticism have imprisoned many in a worldview that considers sexual relations to be “dirty,” dehumanizes people in order to gain profit, and separates life into categories of “sacred” and “secular.” The antidote is Jesus.
  13. Seven Principles of Inner Healing for the Nations — The biblical prescription for change involves sanctification, repentance, intercession, death to the old ways, persistence, thanksgiving, and a trust in the Lord to accomplish all these things in us.

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