What Happened from the Cross to the Throne

by E.W. Kenyon
What Happened from the Cross to the Throne

The eye witness accounts of the death, burial, and resurrection of Jesus tell us what happened from the human perspective. Other verses throughout the New Testament tell us the rest of the story. What Happened from the Cross to the Throne collects those verses and gleans the details from them to paint for us a picture of what happened from a divine perspective.

There is a temptation to read through this book too quickly, without giving the concepts presented the thoughtful reflection due to them. It would be easy to just pass some of the statements in this book off as idle speculation, but it is much more rewarding to take some time to meditate on the scriptures quoted and allow them to shed light on those statements.

  1. Struggle for Faith — We must be daring enough to face the facts as they actually are.
  2. Established in Righteousness — Righteousness is the ability to stand before God. We become righteous by receiving a new nature. Now we need to act as if we know that we are righteous.
  3. The Incarnation — There is a connection between the life and the blood.
  4. What Happened During His Earth Walk — Love took on human form.
  5. What Happened in the Garden — Jesus became sin for us.
  6. What Happened at the Trial — The blood of two covenants came into conflict and the result was the tragedy of the ages.
  7. What Happened on the Cross — Jesus died spiritually as well as physically, which is to say that by taking on our sin He was separated from the Father.
  8. What Happened When the Veil Was Rent — The Old Covenant was made obsolete.
  9. What Happened During the Three Days and Three Nights — Sin and disease were dealt with and Jesus was made alive in the spirit. Jesus conquered Satan and stripped him of his authority.
  10. What Happened at the Resurrection — The love of God was released and made conquerers of those who received it.
  11. What Happened During the Forty Days — Jesus carried His blood into the heavenly Holy of Holies as mediator of the New Covenant. He led the Old Testament saints into Heaven. He opened the minds of the disciples to understand the scriptures.
  12. What Happened When He Entered with His Blood — Jesus became our advocate before the Father. He is the guarantor of the entire New Testament.
  13. What Happened in the Upper Room — The disciples were immersed in the Spirit and the Body of Christ as a collective was born.
  14. What Satan Saw on the Day of Pentecost — His attempt to eliminate Christ only resulted in the influence of God being multiplied.
  15. What the New Creation Meant in Heaven — The Father could feel the same thrill over His Children as earthly parents feel toward theirs.
  16. What Was Available to Man — God gave us Eternal Life. He made us a New Creation. He made us righteous through the re-creation of our spirit. He gave us rest and joy and the ability to make the heart of the Father glad and to bless Him.
  17. Why the Tenses Whip Us — Our redemption is in the past tense. Our senses tell us what we have not yet achieved. The Word of God tells what we already are in Christ. Faith must apprehend what God says is true and confess it despite what the senses perceive to the contrary.
  18. The Jesus of the Four Gospels — Jesus could heal the sick, cast out demons, feed the people, and raise the dead, but all these were only temporary physical solutions to human suffering. It was only after He died that He could offer a permanent, spiritual solution by providing them with Eternal Life.
  19. Paul’s Three Men — The natural man is the unspiritual physical man, governed by his senses. The carnal man is born again but still governed by his senses. The spiritual man is governed by faith in the Word of God.
  20. Is the Church Under the Mosaic Law? — We are New Creatures under a New Covenant. The Law of Love encompasses and surpasses the Law of Moses.
  21. Some Facts About the Book of Acts — The great purpose for our redemption is fellowship. We have been made to be children of God and must develop an awareness of that relationship.
  22. Our Confession — If we confess what our senses or our fears tell us, we side with the flesh or the devil and experience defeat. When we confess those things that God has declared to be true, we side with His Word and receive the working of His grace through faith.
  23. Our Response to God’s Ability — Our challenge is to grow in our ability to rest in His fullness.
  24. Some ‘In Him’ Facts — By being aware of who we are in Christ, we will begin to think and act according to His Will.
  25. His Present Day Ministry — Jesus is our mediator, saviour, intercessor, righteousness, advocate, Lord, New Covenant surety, and high priest.
  26. The Father’s Care — Our Father is watching over us. He is our helper and provider according to His ability which is in us. He is upholding us with the very Life and strength of Jesus.
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