Jesus the Healer

by E.W. Kenyon
Jesus the Healer
  1. The Two Kinds of Knowledge — Sense knowledge vs. revelation knowledge.
  2. God is a Faith God — The connection between faith and words.
  3. The Father Has No Favorites — God loves each of us just as much as He loves Jesus.
  4. The Living Word — Divine healing is and has always been done by God’s Word.
  5. The Value of Confession — The true test of a person’s belief is whether they consistently express it verbally.
  6. These Signs — Miracles draw people in and give them a reason to consider the gospel.
  7. God’s Method of Healing Babes in Christ — God has provided means for everyone to obtain healing.
  8. Healing in Redemption — Sickness is spiritual and healing must be spiritual.
  9. Methods of Healing — Five of the possible methods of healing listed in the Bible are explored.
  10. Jesus the Healer — Jesus made it possible to eliminate our sin consciousness so that we could receive healing.
  11. The Disease Problem — Jesus bore our diseases so that we don't have to.
  12. Made Well in Christ — We become a New Creation by receiving the very Life and Nature of God. That Life, which is ours legally, can become a vital reality as healing in the same way that we receive forgiveness.
  13. Destroying the Works of the Devil — If sin cannot lord it over you, disease cannot lord it over you, because they come from the same source.
  14. The Abundant Life — Life gives healing, strength, and energy.
  15. The Origin of Sickness — Sickness is Satanic oppression.
  16. Prophecies in Regard to the Coming Healer — Old Testament references to the coming Healer.
  17. Jesus’ Ministry — Jesus carried out the Will of God to heal.
  18. The Great Commission — Jesus sent His disciples out to lay hands on the sick so that they would recover.
  19. God’s Revelation of Jesus Christ Given to the Apostle Paul — The spiritual side of the work of Christ is revealed by Paul in his letters to the churches.
  20. Healing Belongs to Us — It is not something to be sought and achieved. Healing is already ours; faith possesses it.
  21. What God Hath Declared — You are what God says you are. If He said you were healed, then you are healed.
  22. Why I Lost My Healing — Healing is not dependent on a lack of symptoms, it depends on faith. If your faith falters because symptoms return you may be fooled into believing that you lost the healing.
  23. God’s Method of Healing is Spiritual — It is not mental or physical. God heals through the spirit.
  24. Right and Wrong Confessions — State only what the Word says about sickness, not what your feelings tell you.
  25. The High Priesthood of Jesus — He stands before the Father making intercession on our behalf.
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