Editorials, Volume 8

The Next Chapter after the Last

by A.W. Tozer, 1987
The Next Chapter after the Last

The eighth collection of editorials written for the Alliance Life (formerly The Alliance Witness/Weekly). Compiled by Harry Verploegh.

  1. The Next Chapter after the Last
  2. Quality versus Quantity
  3. We Must Stay by the Majors
  4. Complaining: A Disease of the Soul
  5. The Duty of Opposing
  6. Power Requires Separation
  7. The Right Direction Is Forward!
  8. On the Public Reading of the Scriptures
  9. The Spiritual Love of Jesus
  10. Our Christian Obligation to Care
  11. The Growing Movement toward World Union
  12. I’m a Stranger Here Myself
  13. We Must Think Like Christians
  14. On Going to God First
  15. The Christian’s Obligation to Be Joyful
  16. It Seemed Good in Thy Sight
  17. Co-workers, Not Competitors
  18. The Essence of Beauty
  19. Free, but Not Independent
  20. Convention or Crusade?
  21. It Will Not Go Away
  22. Who Is in Debt to Whom?
  23. True Service
  24. Faith or Superstition
  25. The Logic of the Incarnation
  26. Battles Are Won Before They Are Fought
  27. We Need the Spirit’s Gifts
  28. Let’s Deal with Life at Its Root
  29. Faith Is a Continuous Act
  30. Deeds Are Seeds
  31. Shadows versus Reality
  32. To the Spirit-filled Man Everything Is Spiritual
  33. Let’s Be Careful How We Use the Scriptures
  34. We Are What We Are Anyway
  35. God Can’t Help Loving
  36. Jesus Is Victor!
  37. The Ground of the Soul
  38. Driving with Our Brakes On
  39. Three Ways to Get What We Want
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