Editorials, Volume 3

Of God and Men

Cultivating the Divine/Human Relationship

by A.W. Tozer, 1960
Of God and Men

The third collection of editorials written for Alliance Life (formerly The Alliance Witness). Compiled by A.W. Tozer.

  1. The Report of the Watcher
  2. We Must Have Better Christians
  3. We Need Men of God Again
  4. New Spiritual Leadership Imperative
  5. The Gift of Prophetic Insight
  6. The Prophet Is a Man Apart
  7. Exposition Must Have Application
  8. Christ’s Words Are for Christians
  9. The First Obligation of the Church
  10. The Cross Does Interfere
  11. Each His Own Cross
  12. Holiness before Happiness
  13. The Need for Self-Judgment
  14. Prayer: No Substitute for Obedience
  15. Not All Faith Pleases God
  16. Religion Should Produce Action
  17. A New Man in an Old World
  18. Spiritual Symmetry Is God’s Will for Us
  19. Candling Eggs or Feeding Sheep?
  20. Beware the File-Card Mentality
  21. The Evils of a Bad Disposition
  22. Books and Moral Standards
  23. The Use and Abuse of Humor
  24. On Calling Our Brother a Fool
  25. Magic: No Part of the Christian Faith
  26. No Christian Should Feel Resentment
  27. Beware the Vexed Spirit
  28. On Backing into Our Convictions
  29. We Can Be Delivered from Carnal Fear
  30. Learning to Live with Our Problems
  31. Let’s Cultivate Simplicity and Solitude
  32. The Christian Is the True Realist
  33. On to El-beth-el!
  34. Through God to Nature
  35. The Bible World Is the Real World
  36. The God of Grace Is the God of Nature
  37. God’s Work Can Stand Inspection
  38. Praise in Three Dimensions
  39. The World to Come
  40. Maranatha! Glad Day!
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