Editorials, Volume 2

True Revivals Are

Born After Midnight

Spiritual Renewal Comes to Those Who Want It Badly Enough

by A.W. Tozer, 1959
Born After Midnight

The second collection of editorials written for Alliance Life (formerly The Alliance Witness). Compiled by A.W. Tozer.

  1. Born After Midnight
  2. The Missing Witness
  3. Faith Is a Journey, Not a Destination
  4. The Key to Human Life Is Theological
  5. The Power of God to Usward
  6. We Live in a State of Emergency
  7. Words Without Deeds: The Vice of Religion
  8. The Erotic vs. the Spiritual
  9. What to Do About the Devil
  10. To Be Right, We Must Think Right
  11. The Way of True Greatness
  12. Heard but by Our Singing
  13. Faith Dares to Fail
  14. Light Requires Sight
  15. Accepting the Universe
  16. Sanctifying the Ordinary
  17. Quality Matters, Not Size
  18. Let’s Be Humble About Our Orthodoxy
  19. Refined or Removed
  20. Are We Losing Our Oh!?
  21. Only a Few Things Matter
  22. The Value of a Sanctified Imagination
  23. Let’s Go Off the Defensive
  24. The Tragedy of Wasted Religious Activity
  25. The Transmutation of Wealth
  26. The Christian Is Wiser Than He Thinks
  27. The Fellowship of the Brethren
  28. The Unity of All Things
  29. Nearness Is Likeness
  30. Work and Worship
  31. The Powers That Shape Us
  32. Why We Are Lukewarm About Christ’s Return
  33. Our Hope of Future Blessedness
  34. Joy Will Come in Its Own Time
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