Editorials, Volume 7

The Set of the Sail

Direction for Your Spiritual Journey

by A.W. Tozer, 1986
The Set of the Sail

The seventh collection of editorials written for the Alliance Witness. Compiled by Harry Verploegh.

  1. The Set of the Sail
  2. The Power of Silence
  3. The Truth’s Most Powerful Ally
  4. We Are Committed to the Whole Message
  5. I Believe in the Communion of Saints
  6. We Must Try the Spirits
  7. Facing Both Ways
  8. What Profit in Prayer?
  9. The True Saint Is Different
  10. Faith Rests upon God’s Character
  11. Salvation Walks the Earth
  12. God’s Love and Ours
  13. The Lord Giveth Knowledge
  14. The Urge to Share
  15. Dedication to What?
  16. The Making of a Man
  17. We Need Sanctified Thinkers—1
  18. We Need Sanctified Thinkers—2
  19. Truth Is a Great Treasure
  20. The Blessedness of the Fixed Heart
  21. How the Lord Leads
  22. Our Business Is God
  23. We Must Depend upon the Holy Spirit
  24. Beware the Prophets of Tranquillity
  25. Christ Is All We Need
  26. We Need to Elevate Our Sights
  27. The Sovereignty of Truth—1
  28. The Sovereignty of Truth—2
  29. What about the Ethics of Jesus?
  30. We Have Lost Our Way
  31. Five Kinds of Seekers
  32. Controversy May Have Its Holy Uses
  33. The True Motive for Christian Conduct
  34. Why Faith Is Indispensable
  35. The Bed of Procrustes
  36. Importance of the Devotional Mood
  37. Christian! Love Not the World
  38. Substitutes for Discipleship
  39. The Marks of God’s Chosen
  40. The Passing of the Assembly Concept from Christianity
  41. What the Advent Established
  42. Quality versus Quantity in Religion
  43. The Honest Use of Religious Words
  44. The Right Attitude toward Our Spiritual Leaders
  45. The Proper Use of the Bible
  46. Adjusted: But to What?
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